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e-mail adresses from the girls

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stranaz  16.11.07 in 13:45

since I don't speak russian, I tryed several times to contakt girls by mail, but no answer.
why is it, that there is a mail adress in almost every add, but it dosn't work?
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Anonymous 18.11.07 in 17:03

i can answer to your question ... it is very simple ... most of the girls that say that they do speak english in reall life they dont ... i am one of the escort girls .. but i never post my photos ... but speak fluent english ... if you wish you can contact me by mailing me on
Anonymous 15.04.12 in 10:48

Could you e-mail me your detail?
Thanks, Love :)
Anonymous 25.11.07 in 2:13

I made the same experience. It also looks to me that some of these eMail contacts are fakes, since they look very similar..
sumihiko  28.11.07 in 11:48

First, most of the girl do not have PC at home. Their mail address is so to call free mail like yahoo or hotmail.
So they don't check the mail every day, one a week at most.
And their mail box is not that of mail software but the "web-mail".
They may receive hundreds of mails.
They may speak easy conversation but not always read nor write English ( foreign language ).
I don't think that they make efforts to translate by asking somebody.
The message that they don't understand is likely to be ignored.
But I tell you, not all the address are fake.
It is very rare but I have received the reply. SMS via mobile as well although our communication is Russian.
Try to call mobile, then you will know the English level of the woman with whom you want get in touch.
At the same time, you have to know that 2 or 3 women share the apartment as well as their mobile number in order to save money.
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sumihiko  28.11.07 in 11:49

By the way I am not Russian but Japanese who lives in Tokyo.
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sumihiko  17.12.07 in 20:41

I asked one of the girl of this site about the e-mail. These e-mail addresses is a kind of option which is provided from the escort agency the women register.
While these address are open to everybody who checks the site, hundreds of mail come.
She told that she opens the web mail box once or twice but doesn't read them.
It is supposed to be the same in almost all cases.
The mail from the clients are left "unread".
The e-mail should be followed by SMS and phone call and let the woman know that you sent the e-mail.
Then she will check your mail and reply if she is interested in you.
Again the simple e-mail is left "unread".
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Anonymous 12.03.11 in 5:28

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Anonymous 22.09.11 in 20:09

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Anonymous 15.04.12 in 10:46

Could you e-mail me your detail.
Here you go lady
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